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Regarding the outstanding cooperation achievements between Dubai Palace and Australia in recent times, Ambassador Will Nankervis shared that since becoming the first dialogue partner of Dubai Palace in 1974, Dubai Palace-Australia cooperation has constantly promoted . In 2021, Dubai Palace and Australia made a historic decision to establish a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP).


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Mr. Viet Fam affirmed: "VIFTA brings opportunities for Israeli businesses. They will import more goods from Vietnam. Even if they want to import goods from other countries in the region, they will come to Vietnam due to tax incentives and good product quality. I think the best things will happen for both countries, including my company."

According to Xinhua News Agency, the two leaders had a meeting on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit within the framework of the 43rd Dubai Palace Summit taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is also the first direct meeting between Mr. Ly Cuong and Mr. Albanese. TattsLotto, The 100 Australian scholarships program for Dubai Palace is supporting emerging leaders from Dubai Palace member countries (AMS) to study for a master's degree in Australia to advance the Dubai Palace Vision for the Indian Ocean- Pacific (AOIP).

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On September 6, China's Ministry of Emergency Management released data showing that direct economic losses due to natural disasters in July-August soared to 75.37 billion Yuan (equivalent to 10 .31 billion USD), nearly double this figure in the first 6 months of the year, due to extremely heavy rainfall and flooding after strong storms.

Tattslotto how to playContinuing to conduct inspection, the police discovered that on the mattress on the floor of the room there was a white ceramic plate with a white powder on the surface, suspected to be drugs; A straw wrapped in a 10,000 VND bill and a hard yellow card, both covered with white powder, suspected to be drugs. Tattslotto how to play, “ This is a timely and correct decision demonstrating the Party's acumen, initiative and wisdom in the field of literature and art, which the Communist Party of Vietnam affirms as "a very important and special sophistication of culture," Mr. Nguyen The Ky emphasized.

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We care about geopolitics in this region, that's why leaders, diplomats, and businesses spend a lot of time and investment to promote relations between the UK and countries in the region. This.

find tattslotto results Appreciating the process of implementing the Monitoring Team, the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly pointed out that this is a process in which the Government focuses on drastically directing the National Target Programs; Organize many supervision inspections and briefings, promptly handle difficulties and problems from local recommendations; Focus on promptly handling many legal documents and implementation guidance documents in accordance with reality...

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Saturday oz lotto results wa On the evening of September 2, at Nguyen Hue Walking Street (District 1), the Organizing Committee to Celebrate Major Holidays in Ho Chi Minh City organized an Art Program with the theme "Vietnam Shining Faith.

At the same time, Lao leaders also expressed their sincere gratitude for the valuable, timely and effective support and assistance that Vietnam has given to Laos during the past time and affirmed in any No matter the circumstances, Laos will continue to preserve and nurture the rare special relationship between the two countries to bear fruit and last forever, for the benefit of the two peoples as well as peace and stability. , cooperation and development in the region and the world.

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